Select Board 8-23-2022

Open Agenda

Call to Order 00:00:04

Public Comment 00:02:24

Interview and Possible Appointment of Applicant to the Climate Action Committee 00:09:40

Lili Flanders

Vote to Designate Use of Town Owned Property (25 South Highland Rd) and Vote to Initiate Conceptual Planning for Town-owned Property (0 Quail Ridge Road) for Workforce Housing 00:22:45

Presented by Darrin Tangeman

Request for Affordable Housing Trust Funds for Cloverleaf Project 00:41:07

Presenters: Ted Malone and Kevin Grunwald

Review and Possible Approval of Civilty Pledge 01:27:00

Presenter: Sue Areson

Consent Agenda 01:36:37

Select Board Reports and Comments 01:37:12

Town Manager's Report 01:40:11

Adjournment 01:47:24